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Ecohome – Open Energy

"The project aims to reduce energy usage and improve the performance and quality of participants’ homes."

What was the project challenge?

Ecohome is taking a collective, community-led approach, to develop and test innovative household energy data engagement strategies.  The project aims to reduce energy usage and improve the performance and quality of participants’ homes. The information and tools developed will be independent from the big six energy companies.

Who were involved?

Carbon Co-op, Madlab, URBED (Urbanism Environment Design), Open Source Energy Monitors, along with academics from computing at the Open University and Lancaster
University. This team is working with ten, active, Carbon Co-op Community Champion groups around Greater Manchester. These street-based groups of friends and neighbours already interested and engaged in reducing household energy, are meeting each month to participate in a series of HackLab workshops.

What new digital technology was developed?

A new open source Home Energy Monitor kit has been imagined, built, and developed, and is now to undergo a period of user testing in households across Manchester by the
Community Champions.

What are the ongoing impacts?

Through collaborating with open source and communication specialists, community champions have gained hands on experience of open source hardware and software, to create new, innovative solutions to processing and visualising energy data.

Prof. Gerd Kortuem

I am Professor of Computing at the Open University where I do research in ubiquitous/pervasive computing, the Internet of Things and human-centered computing. I have a particular interest in user-driven innovation and its impact on emerging software ecosystems.

Position: Co-Investigator



Dr. Drew Hemment

Dr. Drew Hemment is Founder and CEO of FutureEverything, the UK’s award winning digital culture festival and innovation lab, Deputy Director of CX £4M Creative Economy Knowledge Hub (AHRC), and Associate Director of ImaginationLancaster at Lancaster University. Over 20 years his work around the world in digital culture and innovation has been been recognised by awards from the arts, technology and business sectors, including Lever Prize 2010 (Winner) and Prix Ars Electronica 2008 (Honorary Mention), and covered by New York Times, BBC and NBC. Current projects include emoto data visualisation of London 2012 Olympics and £1.9M Catalyst tools for social change (EPSRC). The Open Data Cities project led open data policy in Greater Manchester and DataGM (Greater Manchester Datastore). Member of the Manchester Innovation Group, the body which advises the Local Economic Partnership (LEP) on innovation, the Editorial Board for Leonardo journal of art, science and technology (MIT), and has served on many international Art Juries including UNESCO DigiArts. In 1999, awarded a PhD at Lancaster University, in 2009 elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (UK), and in 2010 an Eyebeam resident (USA).

Website : http://hemment.org/

Jonathan Atkinson

Jonathan Atkinson is the project manager of Open Energy.

Trystan Lea

Trystan Lea is the Directory of the Open SOurce Energy Project.

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